Green Onyx Vase

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Green Onyx Vase ( Guldan ) is a beautiful vase for home decoration, table decor as well as office decoration.

  • Ideal for decorating your coffee table, dining table, Study table or office desk
  • Made of natural onyx stone and purely handmade
  • Available in two sizes. Medium : Height : 12 inch, Diameter : 4 inch.
  • Small : Height : 25 cm, Diameter : 11 cm. Flowers not included
  • PERFECT GIFT for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, and even a birthday gift to girlfriend, best friend, mother or anyone
  • Texture of each vase is different giving it unique looks


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This green onyx vase has a beautiful shiny texture which gives elegance to the house or office where it is used for decoration. It can also be used in vintage designs as a natural handmade item.

How to Use : 

This green onyx vase can be used as single vase for decorating it with single stem flower like a rose or this vase can be used to place bouquet of flowers. Furthermore, you can keep flowers fresh by adding water or use artificial flowers to place in it.

Green Onyx Flower Vase for Table : 

This vase is great for decorating medium size tables including dining table or office desk. It looks equally great on any table due to uniqueness of it’s texture.

A unique Vase :

Any vase made of Onyx is always different then others due to unique texture veins in it. So, this vase will be a unique item to be used for decoration.

Perfect for Gift :

Looking for a unique gift for your friend ? this green vase can be a perfect item to give as a gift as it is durable, antique and beautiful. The best thing about any gift is recalling the memory of the person who gave the gift. What’s better than something that do it on a daily basis by sitting on your dining table.

This green vase can be a perfect memorable wedding gift and it will keep your happy memories forever. Furthermore, it can be given on Anniversary to send love to the couple

Give it as a housewarming gift so that it will spread beauty to the new house.


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