Green Marble Vase


Green Marble Vase ( Onyx Guldan ) is the most beautiful marble vase gift for home decoration, table decor as well as office decoration.

  • This marble Flower Vase is hand crafted to give it a beautiful design and it gives a romantic feeling and expensive look to your house.
  • Height : 25 cm, Diameter : 11 cm. Flowers not included
  • Great product for your coffee table, dining table, study table or office desk.
  • PERFECT GIFT for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, and even a birthday gift to girlfriend, best friend, mother or anyone
  • Unique Vase : each marble vase has a unique natural texture


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About This Marble Vase : 

This green marble vase is made of onyx and hand crafted by the artists of Pakistan. It has heavy shape, elegant looks and durable material which gives an Antique look and romantic feeling to your house. When decorated on the office desk it spreads the culture of  friendliness and make the people around it feel happy and close to the nature.

It is indeed 100% natural product which is why you will feel close to the nature in today’s artificial life.


Use as a Single Marble Vase : 

You can easily keep a single flower which could be a rose, a tulip or any other. As the vase is very unique, most flowers will look great in it.


Can you keep a bouquet in it ?

Sure, keep a small bouquet of flowers which can be artificial or fresh. You can put water in this vase to keep the flowers fresh.


Short Flower Vase for Table : 

This green marble vase is a short vase in it’s shape which is why it is a great item for decoration of any table. Place it on your dining table to beautify the space and eat in luxury, keep on your office desk to feel relax while working or decorate your bed side table with this vase to get a calm romantic feeling.


Unique Marble Vase :

Each marble vase is unique in it’s textures and color as it’s pure natural stone hand crafted by the artistic people.


Perfect for Gift :

Looking for a gift that looks expensive, is durable and price tag is low? you got it. The gifted vase will stay longer with the person to whom you make the gift and will remind them of your kindness. Give it as a house warming gift or as a wedding anniversary gift, it fits for all adults.



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