Single Vase Set


Single Wooden Flower Vase ( bud vase ) Set ( Guldan pair ) is a PERFECT GIFT for home decoration, table decor as well as office decoration.

  • This Single Wooden Flower vase set is perfect for side table decoration
  • Unbreakable single flower vase made of pure rose wood, height 12 inch
  • PERFECT GIFT for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, and even a birthday gift to girlfriend, best friend, mother or anyone
  • Flowers not included
  • Good for single artificial flower

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Use as a Single Flower Vase : 

Ideally it is best suited for a single rose or tulip flower. However, a bouquet of flowers can also be added. You can keep fresh flowers without water in it. For a vase where water can be added an onyx vase may be the best fit in our shop.

Best to place on a Table : 

This Single Wooden Vase ( bud vase ) is a great item to decorate your dinning table, office desk or bed side table to get a relaxed feeling. As it comes in a pair, so it is best suited on Coffee table, long dining table and side tables.


Unbreakable Vase :

This bud vase is highly durable as it is made of pure rose wood, it will not break when falling on the ground in most cases. If you have children who mess things up, this is a suitable item instead of ceramic or onyx vases.


Pure Rosewood : 

This single wooden vase pair is made of 100% natural rose wood which is very durable wood. Hand carved by the artistic people of Punjab Pakistan

Unique Vase :

As this vase is hand crafted so each vase is unique in it’s texture and there can be slight variation in the pattern. However, size is almost the same.


Everyone wants a gift that is precious, durable and memorable and this single vase set fits that very well. Whether it’s a wedding gift or friend’s party you can gift this to anyone.

It is great for the house warming as it will spread magic to the new house.

Best for bedroom side tables especially for the newly wed couples



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