Lacquer Vase Pair


Single Wooden lacquerware Vase Set ( Guldan pair ) is a PERFECT GIFT for home decoration, table decor as well as office decoration.

  • This Single Wooden lacquerware Flower vase can provide a sweet and romantic atmosphere or can be used for vintage design
  • Made of composite wood with beautiful lacquerware painting, height 10 inch
  • PERFECT GIFT for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, and even a birthday gift to girlfriend, best friend, mother or anyone
  • Flowers not included

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Best for Artificial Flowers : 

A single artificial flower is best suited in this single wooden flower vase. The vase gives artistic vintage look  while decorating your house. You can also place a bouquet of artificial flowers in it. If you need a vase in which you can add water then go for Onyx vases in our shop. Fresh flowers are not recommended for this lacquer vase as it is made of composite wood.


Ideal for Side Tables : 

This short lacquer vase is best for decorating your bedroom side tables or coffee table as it is small in size. You can also use this vase to decorate your office desk. This shiny little vase gives artistic feeling and adds beauty to the table.


Handmade Lacquer Painting : 

Painting with lacquer is a historic art used in Punjab Pakistan to bring elegance into handicrafts. A drawing, painting or texture is hand painted using lacquer and ultimately it brings stylish antique look to the item. After polishing lacquerware items are shiny and super attractive.


Unique Lacquer Vase :

Each vase may differ in lacquer painting design as it is purely hand crafted by the Artistic workers. That gives it a unique look and almost each vase is unique.


Perfect for Gift :

This Single lacquer Vase is very beautiful artistic gift that holds great value and it is truly a piece of art that decorates your table with maximum beauty.


A perfect wedding gift as the couple will remember your gift for a long time whenever they see this wooden vase spreading beauty in their house. It is indeed unique, artistic and durable gift for Wedding Anniversary.


It is a great house warming gift as it adds value to the house and makes it more decorated.


This wooden vase gives an expensive vintage look for upper class houses


Needs little Care :

This vase is made of composite wood and will not break easily. However, it can get scratches if it falls on the floor which will ruin it’s lacquer painting.


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