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Antique Handmade Wooden Vase ( Guldan ) is a PERFECT GIFT for home decoration, table decor as well as office decoration.

  • This Woodenl Flower vase can provide a sweet and romantic atmosphere or can be used for vintage design
  • Great product for your coffee table, dining table, study table or office desk, Highly durable
  • Unbreakable flower vase made of pure rose wood, height 15 inch
  • PERFECT GIFT for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, and even a birthday gift to girlfriend, best friend, mother or anyone
  • Flowers not included
  • Good for artificial bouquet of flowers

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Suitable for Artificial Flowers : 

Keep artificial flowers in this Wooden Vase and get a natural look with calm feelings instead of artificial looks. You can place a bouquet of fresh flowers as well but without water. If you need a vase that holds water, go for Onyx vases in our shop.


Best for Table Decor : 

This Wooden Vase is a great item for decorating your dinning table, office desk or bed side table to get a relaxed feeling.


Unbreakable Vase : 

It is perfect vase if you have children in your house as it does not break easily because it’s made of pure rose wood which is highly durable wood. However, it can get scratches if it falls on the floor.


Pure Handmade Cut work Carving : 

This Wooden vase is hand crafted by the artists of Punjab, Pakistan which is notorious for it’s Carving and Wood Cutting Art.


Unique Wooden Vase :

Each vase may differ in texture design as it is purely hand crafted by the Artistic workers. That gives it a unique look and almost each vase is unique.

Perfect for Gift :

This Wooden Vase is highly durable and long lasting item which is great as whoever receives the gift will always remember the one who gave it. A valuable antique gift to remind your friend about you each time they see it decorated in their house.


A perfect wedding gift as it is durable and the couple will remember your gift for a long time whenever they see this wooden vase spreading beauty in their house. It is indeed unique, artistic and durable gift for Wedding Anniversary.


It is a great house warming gift as it adds value to the house and makes it more decorated.


This wooden vase gives an expensive vintage look for upper class houses

About Carving Art : 

This Wooden Vase is hand crafted with the art of wood carving. Wood workers in Pakistan have mastered the art of wood carving in which they use a cutting tool like knife or chisel and mallet to carve functional or sculptural wooden objects.

This wood carving art can be traced back to Gandhara civilization in Pakistan. The Gandhara Civilization existed in what is now Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan from the middle of the 1st millennium BCE to the beginning of the 2nd millennium CE.


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    Best Vase

    This solid wood vase is ideal for table decoration. Best quality and great service

    May 25, 2022

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